Fee-Only vs. Fee-Based: A World Apart 

Checklist to de-clutter, re-evaluate and improve your financial order

As a Fee-Only Registered Investment Advisor, our first priority is helping you to take care of yourself and your family. Fall offers a change of seasons, and it can also mark a renewed interest and commitment to your goals. October is financial planning month, so you might as well take some time to focus on the little things that you can do to improve your financial health.

  1. Review your goals and financial plan
  2. Create or update your budget and check your emergency fund
  3. Check your credit report and card rates
  4. Update your filing system and shred old documents 
  5. Ramp up retirement savings contribution, if possible
  6. Consolidate accounts for ease of management and estate planning
  7. Rebalance your investment asset allocation
  8. Establish or review your estate plan 
  9. Review your insurance policies as well as beneficiary information
  10. Create or update your master list of user names & passwords, emergency contacts and third-party professionals.

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